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News :: 603- New Design Model Available
603- New Design Model Available
Published 20 de Julio del 2016 - 7241 Reading/s

-          The spectacle combines modernity and resistance.
-          SIBOL offers a wide range of frames, valid for all types of applications.

The view, one of the most important senses of the human body, it is essential to its protection against external risks.

SIBOL has a wide range of protective eyewear, goggles both as protective visors.

The new design spectacle 603, available in stock, it is Optical Class 1 and it is a modern, light and ergonomic spectacle, which gives the user a perfect fit.

With polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch and anti-fog, resists low energy impact (45 m / s) to extreme temperatures (FT).

Depending on the required application, there are available three versions lens: the colorless and yellow option resist UV, and the 603 with grey lens resist sunscreens, which will be valid for work in the outside.

SIBOL. European Safety Manufacturer. Safety Professionals

SIBOL is a European manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment with over 30 years of experience.

In SIBOL we develop equipment and systems for all types of protection: Eye (including adapters and viewers), respiratory (dust mask, half masks, full face masks, scape equipment), hearing and helmets, heat resistant (blankets against fire, visors), collective (curtains, screens), welding (vision and breathing).

All SIBOL Personal Protective Equipment is subjected to strict internal quality controls made by our quality department and are backed with prestigious quality certifications, granted by various European Institutes of Quality.

SIBOL system has the quality assurance of production approved by the inspection Notified Body 0099 (AENOR) conducted the necessary evaluations and audits your quality system in terms of laboratory equipment, test reports and results thereof . Art. 11B.





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