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News :: CE marking- Guarantee of Safety
CE marking- Guarantee of Safety
Published 11 de Mayo del 2017 - 8922 Reading/s

• EC Type Certificate is the document which allows manufacturers to commercialize Personal Protective Equipment Category II and III in the EU.

• Manufacturers are only required to present the EC Type Certificate to the surveillance authorities.

SIBOL has its own technological support, regularly audited and advised by national and international Notified Bodies.



The EC type examination is the procedure whereby a control body checks and certifies that the PPE model satisfies the essential health and safety requirements required by Royal Decree 1407/1992 of 20 November.

The EC Type Certificate is obtained only when the PPE to be committed for examination, meets and exceeds all tests that subjected the Notified Body.

All PPE are classified into 3 categories according to the level of risk against which the PPE offers protection: Category I, Category II and Category III.

The higher the category, the greater the risk to which the PPE will have to be exposed:

Reduced risk: Category I.

Models of EPI, which due to its simple design, the user can judge for yourself their efficacy against minimal risks, and whose effects, when they are gradual, can be perceived in time and without danger to the user, may be made without subjecting EC type examination.

Examples: clothing or safety shoes, aprons for professional use, ... etc)

Intermediate risk: Category II.

PPE models that do not satisfy the conditions of the previous category, are not designed in the manner and to the extent indicated risk category 3.

Examples: all that are not included in Category 1 and Category 3.

Serious risks or irreversible: Category III.

PPE models of complex design intended to protect the user from all mortal danger or that may seriously and irreversibly harm the health, without being able to discover in time immediate effect, are required to overcome the examination and undergo CE a manufacturing control following alternative one of the procedures in the Directive forms.

Examples: RPE, anti-falls, protective equipment against electrical hazards, ... etc).

Of the three categories in which personal protective equipment are classified only in the case of Class II and Class III, manufacturers will be subject to control by an independent laboratory to test and verify requirements of PPE .

For protective equipment in Category I, on the contrary, the manufacturer will be solely responsible for verifying that the PPE placed on the market comply with all health and safety requirements of Directive 89/686 / EEC.

It is for this reason that the CE marking is as valued as a mark of safety, quality and confidence in the product, since it involves ensuring that the product has undergone numerous tests and verifications required by law.


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