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News :: Marking for the Safety Helmets
Marking for the Safety Helmets
Published 29 de Julio del 2016 - 4824 Reading/s

Head protection is something usual, as well as essential and compulsory in most industrial works. Nevertheless, however common it might be, it is continously under further investigation and improvement.

Helmets are designed to avoid hits, reduce falls, protect from electric arc, remove pressure or diminish the risk of headaches. SIBOL has learnt to perfectly mix the lightness with the state of the art ergonomic and design. 


UNE- EN 397:1995- Safety Helmets for the industry.


Headgear, primarily intended to protect the upper part of a wearer’s head against injury from falling objects and the resulting brain damages and injuries.


Every helmet claimed to comply with the requirements of this European Standard shall carry moulded or impressed marking giving the following information:

  •  number of this European Standard, en 397

  •  name or identification mark of the manufacturer

  •  year and quarter of manufacture

  •  type of helmet (manufacturer’s designation). This shall be marked on both the shell and the harness

  •  size or size range (in centimetres). This shall be marked on both the shell and the harness

  •  abbreviation for the material of the shell in accordance with ISO 472. (For example, ABS, PC, HDPE, etc.)

Aditional Information

A label shall be attached to each helmet giving the following information, provided precisely and comprehensively in the language of the country of sale:

“For adequate protection this helmet must fit or be adjusted to the size of the user’s head. The helmet is made to absorb the energy of a blow by partial destruction or damage to the shell and the harness, and even though such damage may not be readily apparent, any helmet subjected to severe impact should be replaced.

The attention of users is also drawn to the danger of modifying or removing any of the original component parts of the helmet, other than as recommended by the helmet manufacturer. Helmets should not be adapted for the purpose of fitting attachments in any way not recommended by the helmet manufacturer. Do not apply paint, solvents, adhesives or self-adhesive labels, except in accordance with instructions from the helmet manufacturer."

Each helmet shall carry moulded or impressed marking or shall carry a durable self-adhesive label stating the optional requirements complied with, as follows:


Optional requirement


Marking/ Label


Very low temperature


-20ºC or -30ºC, as appropiate


Very high temperature




Electrical insulation


440 V a.c.


Deformation lateral




Molten metal splash



  The following information, provided precisely and comprehensibly in the official language of the country of sale, shall accompany each helmet:

  • The name and address of the manufacturer
  • Instructions and recommendations regarding storage, use, cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance. Substances recommended for cleaning, maintenance or disinfection shall have no adverse effect on the helmet and shall not be known to be likely to have any adverse effect upon the wearer, when applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Details of suitable accessories and appropriate spare parts.
  • The significance of the optional requirements complied with and guidance regarding the limits of use of the helmet, corresponding to the respective risks.
  • Date or period of obsolescence of the helmet and its component parts 
  • Details of the type of packaging suitable for transportation of the helmet.

WARNING: If the helmet is pierced to connect a mining lamp or any other part for which the helmet must be pierced, the helmet shall be considered as a different model, as its phisical features will be clearly modified, and it should be undergo the corresponding certification.


SIBOL. European Safety Manufacturer. Safety Professionals                                                         

SIBOL is a European manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment with over 30 years of experience.

In SIBOL we develop equipment and systems for all types of protection: Eye (including adapters and viewers), respiratory (dust mask, half masks, full face masks, scape equipment), hearing and helmets, heat resistant (blankets against fire, visors), collective (curtains, screens), welding (vision and breathing).

All SIBOL Personal Protective Equipment is subjected to strict internal quality controls made by our quality department and are backed with prestigious quality certifications, granted by various European Institutes of Quality.

SIBOL system has the quality assurance of production approved by the inspection Notified Body 0099 (AENOR) conducted the necessary evaluations and audits your quality system in terms of laboratory equipment, test reports and results thereof . Art. 11B.

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