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News :: Safety helmet IDRA II, with built-in face-shield against electrical hazards
Safety helmet IDRA II, with built-in face-shield against electrical hazards
Published 20 de Octubre del 2016 - 5651 Reading/s

Safety helmet IDRA II, with built-in face-shield against electrical hazards

Industrial helmet with built-in visor to protect against electrical arc,according the current norm: EN 397/ EN 50365

Built-in polycarbonate face-shield, which allows a continued used and to wear prescription goggles



 Industrial helmet with built-in visor designed to protect against electrical arc from a short circuit in low voltage installations.

Safety helmet IDRA II against electrical hazards - PPE - SIBOL

Helmet with a double shell to introduce the visor inside when it is no needed. The face-shield fits perfectly in above the head, avoiding additional weight in front of the face for the user.

Thanks to its features, it allows its use in many applications that require head and face protection.

 Main features:

Material: ABS

Textil harness with antisweat band

4 points chintrap

Weight: 650 grammes

Built-in polycarbonate visor of 2,2 mm thick

The polycarbonate face-shield allows a continued use without ocular fatigue. It has anti-fog treatment in the inner side and anti-scratch coating in the outside. The helmet and the visor can be used with prescription goggles.

EN 397/ EN 50365. This safety helmet complies with the Europan standard EN 397 with the following optional requirements:

Resistant to very low temperatures; -30ºC

Electrical insulation: 440V~ Symbol

Resistant to electrical insulationa and protection against contact with low voltage, up to 1000 Vac or 1500 Vdc, Double triangle symbol, class 0

This safety face-shield complies with the European standard EN 166, which tests mainly:

Optical class 1

Measure: 330 x 200 mm

Ultraviolet filter, scale 2-1,2 according to EN 170 Standard

Protection against high speed droplet and splashes (medium energy impact: 120m/s) B symbol

Protection against droplets ans splashes, 3 symbol

Protection against short circuit electrical arc, 8 symbol

Protection against molten metals and hot liquids, 9 symbol

Resistant to surface damage by fine particles, k symbol

Resistant to fogging, N symbol

Additionally, the IDRA 2 face-shield complies with the requirements GS ET 29, electrical arc test at 4 kA ( Clase 1)- key test for thermal protection regarding the EN 61482-1-2 standard





(*)This information can only be used as guiding lines. An expert in labour risk prevention must evaluate the risk at the working place and determine the right level of protection 

SIBOL. European Safety Manufacturer. 30 years manufacturing safety

SIBOL is an European manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment with over 30 years of experience.

In SIBOL we develop equipment and systems for all types of protection: Eye (including adapters and viewers), respiratory (dust mask, half masks, full face masks, scape equipment), hearing and helmets, heat resistant (blankets against fire, visors), collective (curtains, screens), welding (vision and breathing).

All SIBOL Personal Protective Equipment is subjected to strict internal quality controls made by our quality department and are backed with prestigious quality certifications, granted by various European Institutes of Quality.

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