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News :: Security Solutions for Water Treatment
Security Solutions for Water Treatment
Published 20 de Octubre del 2016 - 4701 Reading/s

Security Solutions for water treatment

A water treatment plant can carry along a variety of dangers.

SIBOL has a wide range of protective equipment for the risks comming from the treatement of water.

Water treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove these contaminants and produce environmentally safe treated wastewater.

The employees of a wastewater treatment plant are exposed to a variety of risks, depending on their role at the job. Among the biological risks, there are:

The contaminant that comes with the wastewater can by chemical (metallic ion, sulphur compound, nitrogenous compound, acetone y acids), and biological (microorganisms) and it can be found as solid, liquid or gas.

Residual waters usually bring bacterias, virus and parasites from human or animal reservoirs.

Other microorganism can be asociated to the presence of animals (rats and insects) or objects contaminated with biological fluids (syringues, bandages, etc.).


However, its content can very different for many causes: agricultural wastes, food produccion wastes, rainwater or even epidemics.

Steps in prevention of risks related the water treatment


Identifying the posible biological risks. Some bacterias can cause diarrhea, fever, cramps and occasionally vomits, headaches or loss of appetite, originating different illnesses such as shigellosis, typhoid fever or cholera.

Testing every current risk at workplace (deads due to colapse in ditches, falls, closed spaces and exposition to chloride or hidrogen sulphyde gas, besides illnesses…).

Waste waters carry bacteries, parasites and virus which can cause infections in the intestines, lungs or other body parts.

Protecting. The best ways to protect the workers from any illness when they are working near wastewaters are the engeneering controls and good working habits.

Detecting toxic fumes and vapors, particles or insufficiency of oxygen must be detected in order to avoid any accident.

Scape. It is a must to be prepared for scaping in case of danger, always with the right equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against the risks from water treatment

In order to determine which personal protective equipment is needed, we have to assess the risk and exposurse level. Only afterwards can we choose the equipment that suits best with each job.

The Personal Protective Equipment can include: masks or half masks, autonomous equipment, gas detectors, safety spectacles, helmets, gloves, foot protection, cloth, and protection against falls.

In general, we can distinguish:

1) Respiratory protection: dust masks, half masks or full face masks and filters against fumes, autonomous or semi-autonomous equipment against high exposures to fumes, portables gas detectors and scape equipment for emergency cases or rescueing intoxicated workers.

2) Eye protection: safety goggles and visors.

3) Ear protection: Ear muffs or ear plugs to enter in rooms with bombs, compressors, etc.

4) Hand protection: gloves with protection against mecanichal and chemicak risks, according to the ongoing jobs.

5) Foot protection: waterproof safety footwear.

6) Body protection: safety harness for working at heights or with risk of fall.

According to the chemical agent: 

1) Sodium hypochlorite: the personal protection required are safety goggles and/or virsors if there is any risk of splash and gloves with protection against chemical risks. In case of insufficient ventilation or concentrations above the exposure limits, wokers must wear half masks with BP2 filters or breathing aid equipment for very high concentrations.

2) Gas chlorine: Full face mask with B2 Filter. Autonomous breathing equipment in case of leaks or accidents. Gloves with protection against chemical risks.

3) Ozone: Autonomous breathing equipment, which can also be used for entering in confined spaces such as tanks and in emergency situations.

4)Ferric chloride: half mask with filter P2. Safety goggles, gloves with protection against chemical risks.

5) Aluminium sulphate: half mask with filter P2. Safety gogglees, gloves with protection against chemical risks.

6) Active Coal: dust masks or half masks with P1 filter and eye protection; safety goggles or visor and globes

7) Sodium hydroxide: respiratory protection with a BP2 filter (autonomous breathing equipment in the case of confined spaces or with a high concentration), safety goggles, visor in case of risk of splash, gloves with protection against chemical risks, body protection in case of risk of splash.

8) Hydrogen sulphide: Half maks with BP2 filter. Safety spectacle, gloves with protection against chemical risks.

SIBOL Personal Protective Equipment against risks from water treatment

SIBOL provide a wide range of safety solutions agains the water treatment 

Half masks

Wide half masks, tested and certified accordint to European Standards.

Masks suitable for range 87 Filters (Respir/ Fit Mask) or  987 range filters (Respirator)



Full face masks

Full face masks suitable for eye and respiratory protection, with universal thread according to EN 148-1 Standard and suitable for frequent use in dangerous environments.

Masks suitable for range 982 with universal thread according to EN 148-1 norm

MVT 982

MVT 9823

Filters range

SIBOL provides a wide assortmen of filters within its three different ranges:




These are guiding lines. A senior expert in labour prevention must evaluate the risks in the workplace and determine the protection level to use.

SIBOLEuropean Safety Manufacturer. Safety Professionals                                                         

SIBOL is a European manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment with over 30 years of experience.

In SIBOL we develop equipment and systems for all types of protection: Eye (including adapters and viewers), respiratory (dust mask, half masksfull face masks, scape equipment), hearing and helmetsheat resistant (blanketsagainst fire, visors), collective (curtains, screens), welding (vision and breathing).

All SIBOL Personal Protective Equipment is subjected to strict internal quality controls made by our quality department and are backed with prestigious quality certificationsgranted by various European Institutes of Quality.

SIBOL system has the quality assurance of production approved by the inspection Notified Body 0099 (AENOR) conducted the necessary evaluations and audits your quality system in terms of laboratory equipment, test reports andresults thereof . Art11B.

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