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Nowości :: Dust Mask 803 P3DV
Dust Mask 803 P3DV
Publicada el 26 de Septiembre del 2016 - 5364 Lectura/s

Dust Mask 803 P3DV


FFP3 Protection

The dust mask 803 P3DV is suitable for the protection against particles and solid or liquid aersols (watery or oleic base), with a high filtration efficiency and a very low breathing resistance.

     FFP3 protection factor.

     Exhalation valve to ensure a higher comfort.





Cup dust mask P3DV. High filtration efficiency and a very low breathing resistance thanks to the mechanical and electrostatic action. FFP3 protection.


Mask against particles and solid or liquid aerosols watery or oleic base). The exhalation valve improves the user’s comfort. Suitable to use against toxic aerosles up to 50 x TLV.:

     FFP3 level of protection

     V: exhalation valve

     D: Mask resistant to clogging in time (test by Dolomite dust)

     Low breathing resistance thanks to its mechanical and electrostatic action

     Art. 11B. Quality control system that tests every batch of production.

     EN 149


     Body: special filtering material

     Harness: Rubber

     Nose clip: Outside

     Sweat band

Application field:

      Suitable for chemical industry, minning, mechanical industry, foundries, steel mills and glass industry

These are guiding lines. An expert in labour risk prevention must evaluate the risk at the working place and determine the right level of protection.

SIBOL. European Safety Manufacturer. 30 years manufacturing safety                               

SIBOL is an European manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment with over 30 years of experience.

In SIBOL we develop equipment and systems for all types of protection: Eye (including adapters and viewers), respiratory (dust mask, half masks, full face masks, scape equipment), hearing and helmets, heat resistant (blankets against fire, visors), collective (curtains, screens), welding (vision and breathing).

All SIBOL Personal Protective Equipment is subjected to strict internal quality controls made by our quality department and are backed with prestigious quality certifications, granted by various European Institutes of Quality.

SIBOL system has the quality assurance of production approved by the inspection Notified Body 0099 (AENOR) conducted the necessary evaluations and audits your quality system in terms of laboratory equipment, test reports and results thereof . Art. 11B. 


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