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Filtration Unit for the AIRFORCE equipment


The filtration Unit will be used with the AIRFORCE compressed air system. This unit will be connected to the equipment through a 10 m hose included with the Regulator and the ConnectAir Adaptor of the AIRFORCE Compressed air equipment.

The inline filtration unit removes water, particles and nuisance odours, as well as any oil mist present. Oil mist can cause irreparable damage to the lungs. The filtration unit, consisting of a pre-filter and coalescing filter plus an activated charcoal filter, removes liquids, a range of particulate contaminants and odours from the compressed air supplied. The frame or wall-mounted filtration unit can be used by one or two operators. The charcoal filter changes colour from white to pink to warn the user of excessive contamination. A pressure guage also visually monitors the pressure achieved.

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